Fuel Rewards® program App Reviews

100 add

Practical functionality

Its a decent application it works well

Good app to save $$$

If you are someone who uses a premium gas, this app will usually give you a $.10-.20 discount on gasoline. I use it every week at fill up time.

Great ap

Love the simplicity!

Additional steps required

Could not use card in my app. When I called customer service she rudely explained I have to get my card in the mail first. It never came! Went back to app and I have to manually initiate/request a card to be sent in the mail! None of this was clear when getting app or when I called! May be valuable if/when I get it.

Excellent App!!

Great user interface, and easy to use!! Had an issue with my rewards at a faulty pump, called them up and handled immediately! Recommend to everyone!

❤️ it

Its simple and easy to tack the rewards.

Decent app

Its nice to be able to easily see my rewards and the what I need to get there.

Dl now

Cant beat saving gas especially when Ive gotten 30 cents off a gallon !!!

Fuel Rewards

Awesome app I recommend it for everyone

Shell gas station only give 5 cents in return

So this gas station I use says if you purchase more than 8 gallons you get 10 cents in return since they advertise it I purchase the gas not one time has that gas station given me 10 cents its been 5 cents. They are false advertising. I always have to contact support and at least their support help but its requires time and patience. I would rate shells support team 5 stars all the way because they credit me when the gas station doesnt credit me properly. Thank you support

Love it!

I love how it alerts you every time you earn rewards ! The program as a whole is great and the app just ads to it, as it helps locate the nearest shell station and keeps track of the rewards redeemed. Definitely recommend it

Great app!

This is perfect! It tells me what I need to know quickly, thats it!


Awesome app

Home Depot FR

This app keeps my rewards updated and gas station tracker works great !

Love this app

This a great app, it gives you all the shell stations that are near you.

Great app

It was a little confusing in the beginning. But now I love it. It saves me a lot of money.

Good money saver!

Saves me money at the pump!

Doesnt give you point even you use a linked card

Simply that. You dont get a point even if you use a linked credit card in shell station. Dont give them your info.

Money saver

At the end of the day all the money you get discounted adds up. This program is awesome.

Well done

I think we got a winner here folks!?!

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